Wednesday, 23 June 2010

One More Week To Go, plus fun Hull based stuff this weekend!

A week to go before we swap tapes!!! Everythings looking rather positive for the next one! Alot have got there's done ahead of schedual, if facebook statues' are to believed!

Few postal enteries this time, so we're starting to attract people from all over it seems, and thanks to you guys too, for helping the spread the word. Hope your finding it as much fun as me!

If the weather holds up like this, think i most certainly will be holding it in my garden for a nice change!


on another note, there's a handful of fun things going on over the next weekend before!
There's a wonderful double whammy of treats at the adelphi this weekend, on saturday night is sadly the final Maude Party (think the dj is heading back now uni has finished!) but she'll be no doubt going out with a joyious and riotious set of 60's girlgroups, wonky new wave, rough trade diamonds and indie pop in its true form, also hearing electronic whisphers that Andy (the beardy good looking one from the adelphi bar staff) is being let off his lead to play some 'tunes' too!!! Louie Louie here we come!!!! - its free too!!

Also on on sunday we are treated to something rare and special, again at the adelphi as part of the on going, Seeds and Bridges events.
Susan Alcorn
Unique steel pedal performer, promising to bring something fragile and beautiful to the city and perfect way to mellow out on sunday nite!!!
**slight disclaimer too, anyone having recently seen an adelphi flyer, it states tape mix swap will be held then, but for various crossed wires and bafflement, its not - its the following wednesay so you've still go time after a busy weekend to gte yours done, BUT you all should head down!!!

Will be heading down to both! so hopefully catch some of you there!!!

also John Harris (of newnight.front row, culture show, guardian fame) is doing a 'pub music quiz' at Pave on the monday, as part of the Humbermouth festival going on at the mo, looking to get a team together, altho its a fiver a go, but looks quite good! Anyone interested let me know

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