Monday, 21 June 2010

June's Dog Meet-Up

Hello out there!!!

Just attempting to make the blog look abit better and more interesting to people out there, whilest gearing up for this months meet-up!

5th monthly meet up of the mixtape swap will take place on wednesday 30th june, from round 8/8.30pmish! Venue's yet to be decided, poitential 'garden' gathering if weathers anything like, failing that, wont be much futher than the newland/prince ave/bev road triangle!
But as i'm sure you all know, 'Dog' was the word chosen at random from the bag last month. So get ya thinking caps on and get cracking with those 'dog'inspired mixes!!!

Lots of fun was, had due to fantastic turn out and effort of last months, so keeping fingerscrossed that we can keep the energy going!! Had lots of incredible kind words, feedback and support from all involved, so thanks to everyone thats spoken/emailed me, your all very kind!

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