Tuesday, 27 April 2010

3rd Meet Up Pic-Mix!!!

Thanks for all those that came down last nite!
Made a mix and played tapes last nite!!! Fun was had by all, and for all those that couldnt make it, hope to see you at the next one!!

But anyone that didnt make it still wants to contribute, please do!! We can arrange another small swap round now people putting tapes back in after theyve been listed too, or if anyone wants to make and mix and upload it online for us all to hear!! i'll put it up on the blog!!

The 'theme for inspiration' for the next mix is 'Tea Party' (yes me neither, had a few ideas barted around last nite, so fingerscrossed the hamster wheel will keep turning until inspiration comes along!)

Next meet likely to be tail end of may.

please let me know of what you make of ya tapes!!!