Sunday, 30 May 2010


Hi, out there to everyone old and new to the group!!!

Looking to set the next meeting at the tail end of june - so you've got a while yet to get yaself sorted and to find some 'dog' related inspiration!!

For anyone out there not taken part yet, its a mixtape (all be it cd-r if you wanna join in but but have cassette tape player etc), but we meet once at month and exchange our own mixes in one big mixtape lottery, by placing them in a bag and each taking a turn to pick one out at random, so who knows what you'll get!!! We also use the same method to pick a theme or inspiration for the next months mix. we all secretly write down our own 'idea'/word etc and they get thrown into the hat for one to be picked at random! Previous themes have been Wind, M.I.X.T.A.P.E., your name, tea partyies and the one for next month is 'dog'?

Also we have a some very creative people in our mist that have created some beautiful sleeves and artwork for their tapes! Photos and tracklistings are up on the site!

Please take time to have a look around the the group and the website for inspiration and ideas of how we work!

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