Sunday, 16 May 2010

May's meet up and cups and saucers!

hey guys!!!!

hope ya well and enjoying ya mixes and got ya thinking hats on for the 'tea party' themed mix for next meet-up!
Remember to post up any comment on any tapes/tracks/artwork etc you like or where intreged, amused, shocked by etc.

Next meet up will be wednesday 26th May, 8.30pm at St John's again, in hope that we can get enough of ya down and we can maybe sort out doing bowling or something of that ilk for june!
--- also hopefully Miss Cooper can bring her tape recorder down again and we can have a listen to some more of the tapes---

As always anyone unable to make it please feel free to pass onto myself or friends ya mixes to bring, or simply upload one and i will post it online. Same rules still apply, artwork/tracklistings/photos etc!
And anyone wanting to take part that doesnt have a a tape player, we are accepting cd-rs, but again with same rules!!!

hope to see you there!

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