Sunday, 1 August 2010

Julys scary monsters and Augusts departures and arrivals!

Thanks again for fantastic and amazing effort on wednesday night, and big thanks to those that couldnt physically make it, but contributed mixes via the interweb and royal mail!!

Great night had by all, hopefully. Anyone yet to, please post up ya tracklistings and sleeve (and any of the evening) onto the fb group or email me!!

As im gonna be away in scotland at the end of next month, next meet up will be slightly earlier. Around weds 18th August (for more details see the facebook group event).
Apologises if that isnt enough time for people to get 'inspired' and sorted. Like i say dont expect people to contribute every month, I do appreciated people have lives!!
But just for the record, the support and kind words from people's been great the past 6months, just glad people are still interested in keeping the ball rolling for another few months!

For those still scratching their heads, augusts mix theme is 'Departures' as contributed by Paul Firth (so hes to blame if stumped already!!!!! a tiny tip, think Lost Highway...Hank Williams kinda, not the David Lynch sort...altho...)

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