Saturday, 3 July 2010

Mike'd Dog mix

Mike Tracklisting:

Side A (Dog Tracks)

Belle & Sebastian - Dog On Wheels
Pulp - Dogs Are Everywhere
Stephen Malkmus - Jenny & The Ess-Dog
Jenny Hoyston - Spell D-O-G
Cassetteboy - Dogs Again Is It?
Johnny Cash - Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog
Sugarcubes - Chihuahua
Camille - Cats And Dogs
Tori Amos - Space Dog
Beta Band - Dog's Got A Bone
Shortwave Set - No Social
Jonathan Richman - Our Dog Is Getting Older Now
The Duke Spirit - Dog Roses
Cast of 'The Simpsons' - Two Dozen And One Greyhounds

Side B (Mutty Rock)

AC/DC - Givin The Dog A Bone
Terrorvision - Dog Chewed The Handle
Honeycrack - Hey Bulldog
Belly - Slow Dog
Deerhoof - You, Dog (AKA Kidz Are So Small)
Daisy Chainsaw - Dog With Sharper Teeth
Lard - I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog
Tom Waits stage banter (from the 'Bastards' disc in the 'Oprhans' collection)
Fear Factory - Dog Day Sunrise
Green On Red - Hair Of The Dog
Seasick Steve - Doghouse Boogie
Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever (Killa Kela Remix)
Mos Def - Quiet Dog
Burial - Dog Shelter
Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill II: Dog Ending

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